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1. All club waters are closed when official working parties are being carried out, members found fishing will be asked to stop leave or help with the work being carried out.


2. Members when fishing must use a single hook only.


3. Fishing with a line not connected to a rod is strictly prohibited.


4. No angler must use more than 2 rods at any one time, as per current Environment Agency Rules which should be spaced no further than 2 yards apart. Members must not be more than 4 yards from the rods being fished and always in a position to take immediate control of them.


5. Heron Pool Close Season, this fishery at the landowners request will be closed between the 15th March and 15th June inclusive. Members must not under any circumstances fish this water between these dates or their membership will be terminated with immediate effect. Note; Night fishing is not allowed on this water.


6. Heron Pool, members when walking to and from the car park must keep to the edge of the field nearest the adjacent Riding School to avoid damaging crops. Members should take care when the riding school is being used for the training of very young disabled riders to refrain from making loud noises or sudden movements that could scare the horses.


7. Fryers & Crookalls Pools, when fishing only ONE rod may be in use. Other rods/poles may be assembled but must not be in use.


8. Green Lane Pools, The entrance gate from the lane including the smaller one lower down the field must be closed after being used. Night fishing is allowed for those members who purchased and can produce a valid permit. Biffy’s & Tents must be positioned so they do not block members access other fishing pegs or members fishing. Radios and the playing of music through mobile phones must only be with the use of earphones.


9. Members must not interfere in any way with other anglers fishing this to include casting across fishing lines and others swims.


10. Disturbance resulting from or by another member will not be tolerated and may lead to the person or those responsible having their membership terminated.


11. It is the responsibility of all members to remove litter from around club waters. Litter found in the vicinity of an angler will be deemed theirs and they shall be responsible for removing it from the fishery.


12. Members should only park cars at the place provided whilst making sure they leave adequate space for other members to park in front and to the rear of their vehicle. Please note; the lanes adjacent to Green Lane, Fryers & Crookalls fisheries are very narrow and used at times by large farm vehicles including companies delivering to local properties. Therefore, to avoid causing a nuisance to locals or possible damage to members vehicles it is imperative not leave them protruding into the lanes. Heron Pool car park is small with limited spaces that should be considered by members when parking. Drivers exiting this car park should take great care because of fast moving traffic and blind spot to the right hand side.  


13. Members to make sure all gates are closed properly after entry and exit.


14. Members to keep to the paths provided and must not under any circumstances damage crops.


15. Members must not under any circumstances remove branches, bushes or trees or make alterations to pegs, surrounding ground or pathways without first seeking permission from the club secretary.


16. The lighting of fires is not under any circumstances permitted. Members found to have lit fires especially when night fishing if caught or proved to have done so will have their membership terminated.


17. Keep-nets are not allowed between the 15th March & 15th June inclusive. All carp weighing over 5lbs must be returned to the water immediately and not retained in nets.


18. Members when fishing for carp must be in possession of a 32’’ inch or larger landing net and to always use it to avoid damaging large fish.


19. Members to carry and use an unhooking mat to avoid damaging larger fish.


20. Members who prefer to stalk fish on club waters must not under any circumstances cast across other anglers swims or attempt to catch fish within what is deemed another person’s peg limits.    


21. In the event of any outbreak of animal disease in the area Club waters will be closed for fishing.


22. Members with prior consent of the Secretary may be allowed to take visitors on Club waters @ £4.00 Senior £2.00 Junior per visit a maximum of three per visitor per year is permitted.


23. A limited quantity of NON TRANSFERABLE night fishing permits for Green Lane only are available from the Secretary currently priced at £10.00 per person per year. On all other Club Waters fishing is from dawn to dusk only.


23. PROOF OF MEMBERSHIP: Please note, all members of South Manchester Angling Club in addition to Bailiffs have the right to ask anyone including members fishing to produce a valid membership card and Environment Agency Licence. Club officials encourage this to keep club fisheries free for members use only and to protect club assets. Members must not under any circumstances refuse when asked or verbally indicate they do not agree with this policy, those who do not comply if reported could have their membership suspended or terminated.


24. Abuse: Members must not under any circumstances be seen to have abused a club official or other member. If reported and proved the member in question can expect to have his membership terminated with immediate effect.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Always carry your South Manchester Angling Club membership card plus night fishing permit if purchased with a current Environment Agency License when fishing club waters. Members not able to produce any or all of these will be asked to leave the fishery and subsequently reported to the secretary to determine whether any further action is necessary.



The club does not wish to impose bait bans but will if club members abuse what is considered normal usage by our bailiffs and/or club Officers. Sliced White Bread and Sweetcorn is extensively used by most anglers with both unfortunately falling into this category.


The clubs officers have received reports from other members and have evidence of both of these baits being misused so members in future must refrain from throwing in large quantities to attract fish. Just as important is not dumping leftover baits into the pools before leaving.


Members are asked to consider how they would feel if they arrived at a fishery only to find slices of White Bread floating and decomposing everywhere with the underwater view of their favourite peg covered in Sweetcorn.


Members should not have to be reminded that decomposing baits/food attracts unwanted vermin and other pest.  It also does not look very good and causes pollution including the generation of weed and algae.






Updated: 4th June 2016 by Stan Harrison - Secretary