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 Longbarn, Padgate



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I am pleased to be able to be able to advise members my request for help in my previous posting to maintain the clubs fisheries has been answered with several members coming forward and volunteering to help with this important work.


We have found from those who have come forward they all had a preference for the club to be more flexible when the work was being done.  So to accommodate this it has been decided to arrange and carry out some general work such as grass cutting and strimming to keep weeds down in the evenings between 5-8pm.  At least one of our bailiffs will be in attendance to make sure the clubs important guidelines on what can or not be done are followed. THIS TO PROTECT THE NATURAL LOOK OF THE FISHERY.


Roy Mills the Clubs Head Bailiff should be contacted if you wish to volunteer who will be able to advise when the next work is planned. Mob: 07518 244314.



The club unfortunately like most organisations has suffered the result of the Cofid-19 Pandemic with very little work being possible on the clubs fisheries.  Most of the able-bodied members who the club would normally rely on for help have been on lockdown with some of the less than healthy ones having to shield.  We have also lost a number of other key individuals for various reasons one being our treasurer Mike who would firstly deliver all the tools required to site before getting stuck in with the strimmer then taking time out to cook the breakfast for everyone.  He gave up fishing to train and be a football coach and also help his son achieve his footballing ambitions.  This person for his outstanding efforts in everything he did for the club would be extremely if not impossible to replace.


Currently our bailiffs are doing more than expected of them so the clubs officials are desperate to find them some additional help.  So if there is any members who can spare just a couple hours mid-week or at the weekend to help cut the grass to keep the paths and place tidy please get in touch.


If you are prepared to do it on a regular basis then you can look forward to a reduction in your membership fees.


Contact - Stan Harrison - Secretary: Mob:07767272403.