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 Club Contact:

 Secretary - Stan Harrison

 Mob: 07767 272403

 Email: [email protected]



 79 Blackburne Close

 Longbarn, Padgate



 WA2 0PJ

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Copyright: South Manchester Angling Club 2013.

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Telephone: 01925 811857   -   Email: [email protected]






1. The Club will be known as SOUTH MANCHESTER ANGLING CLUB.


2. The aim of the club is to provide Natural fisheries for members to pursue their sport, Day trips, Fishing    Breaks and Social gatherings to encourage the pursuit of traditional angling methods and conservation.


3. All matches arranged by South Manchester Angling Club will be on Natural Fisheries only.


4. The Club shall continue to exist and function as long as ten members shall remain.


5. The club’s Annual General Meeting will be held towards the end of FEBRUARY each year.  REVISED @ 2019 AGM.


6. Payment of membership subscription is due on or before the end of April each year. (REVISED @ 2019 AGM)


7. Any person leaving SMAC owing money will not be allowed to rejoin until all debts are repaid in full.


8. Any members detected in any act of fraud or attempted fraud or misdemeanors in any way likely to bring discredit to the Club, will be expelled. The Officers of the club shall take whatever action they deem necessary against members who commit misdemeanors against the Club.


9. The Club Officers/Committee shall meet as deemed required and shall have full power to deal with all suggestions without calling an Extraordinary General Meeting unless the matters shall concern the existence of the Club. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall only be called for rules relating to the Constitution and Rules of the Club. Request for such a meeting must be put in writing to the Secretary and seconded by one other Senior member.


10. The Officers shall be elected by ballot vote by paid up members. The Officers of the club shall consist of a Secretary, President, Vice President, Chairman and Treasurer.


11. A senior and/or lady member may nominate him or herself for a position (as an officer) provided that person’s nomination is proposed and seconded by two other members, then he or she shall be eligible for election at an AGM. No member shall be eligible unless he or she has been a financial member of the Club for not less than 12 months prior to the closing date for nominations.


12. A full report of the Club’s activities will be presented to members each year at the Annual General Meeting, together with an audited account of the books and a Balance Sheet.


13. Membership subscriptions are as follows: REVISED @ 2019 AGM.

     *    Seniors Male or Female up to 65 years of age £35.00 Per Year + Initial admin/Joining Fee.

    *    Pensioners 65 years of age & over £20.00 Per Year + Initial admin/Joining Fee.

    *    Juniors 11-16 years of age £15.00 Per Year - No Joining Fee.

    *    Intermediates 16-18 years of age - No Joining Fee.


14. The minimum joining age for juniors shall be 11 years. However, juniors under this age may join and fish club waters provided they are under the supervision of a parent or guardian who is a member of the Angling Club.


15. Members over the age of 16 are allowed to vote at all meetings.


16. A club member shall become an Honorary Member of the Club after 25 years continuous paid membership. Honorary Members may be created for other reasons if approved by an AGM.


17. Standing Orders shall be adopted for Annual General, Extraordinary and General Meetings.


18. Resolutions for the AGM should be sent or delivered  to the Secretary no later than one month before the AGM. Resolutions must contain the proposer’s signature and be seconded by another member.


19. Amendments to resolutions must be sent or delivered by hand to the Secretary no later than two weeks prior to the date of the AGM.


20. All Resolutions shall remain in force until cancelled or amended at an AGM.


21.All members unless excused by a doctors note, to attend a minimum of ONE work party per year. Any members not attending will be barred from club waters for the first two months of the season.  



Green Lane Night Permits; £10.00 per member, note these are limited and supplied on a first come first served basis and are NOT TRANSFERABLE.


(Revised 2019)

(Established 1965)