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 Club Contact:

 Secretary - Stan Harrison

 Mob: 07767 272403

 Email: [email protected]



 79 Blackburne Close

 Longbarn, Padgate



 WA2 0PJ

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Copyright: South Manchester Angling Club 2013.

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Telephone: 01925 811857   -   Email: [email protected]









2020 Membership Cards; will expire at the end of this month and should be renewed ASAP.  Bailiffs will be checking members cards actively especially over the next month to check cards are valid, if yours has expired do not bother going to the club fisheries.  Members with expired cards are barred from fishing club waters and will be expected to leave the fishery and not return until they have renewed their club membership.


Fishery Maintenance Development Fund; Members renewing are reminded that in addition to the renewal fee due they are now expected to contribute a mandatory fee of £5.00 towards the club’s new fishery Fund.


Membership Pricing; Members are reminded juniors i.e. 11-16 year olds can join the club for free.  So, if you have youngster who might be interested in trying his hand at a bit of fishing then he can join the club for free and fish all of the club’s fisheries.  He will be required to fill in a membership application form and send it to me so I can generate and issue him with a membership card.


Annual General Meeting: I have to again apologise to members about having our AGM.  This is not possible as most will understand because of government rules imposed the result of the Cofid-19 pandemic. I can assure members though when possible this will be held so that any important business can be addressed.    


Environment Agency Licence; Members are reminded of the importance of having one with the penalty of a £2500.00 fine not something most anglers would not wish to receive through their letterbox. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  


HERON POOL; the planned extensive work for this fishery has yet again had to be put on hold the result of the Cofid-19 virus outbreak.  Club officials are now keen to make preparations in time for when we can arrange a work party on this important club fishery so we are asking for members to submit their names and volunteer to attend. Members willing to do this should email or text Stan the secretary using one of the following: Email: [email protected] or Text - mobile 07767272403    

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Dated: 12th February 2021