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South Manchester Angling Club


Introduced: April 2015.

All members fishing at night MUST be in possession of a valid membership card stating it includes a night fishing permit and they hold a current Environment Agency Licence.


•   All general club rules must be adhered to as well as rules listed below when night fishing.

•   As in the general rules fires are not allowed with the exception of gas cooking stoves.

•   No radios, stereos, phones, tablets or TVs to be used without personal earphones.

•   No one under the age of 18 years may apply for a Night Fishing Permit.

•   All Night Permit Holders will be expected to carry out work parties to help improve the clubs Fisheries.

•   All litter to be removed when vacating your swim.

•   Bivvies must not be pitched over footpaths or blocking access to other fishing pegs.

•   No visitors allowed between the hours of 11pm to 7am unless of necessity.

•   Noise must be kept to a minimum. Please adjust sounder volume so as not to cause undue annoyance to persons nearby.

•   Only appropriate angling shelters Bivvies to be used! Strictly NO TENTS!

•   Do not defecate on the banksides, paths or surrounding areas. Use a trowel or shovel and bury it.

•   If there is litter on the peg you are fishing "IT IS YOURS".

•   Any rule breaking of any kind could result in the offending member being expelled from the club.

•   Pegs will be considered to be 15 yards apart giving each angler 7 1/2 yards either side to fish.

•   Members angling at night should employ adequate electric bite alarms.


Please read all the above rules thoroughly including

''Rules For Club Waters''

as the saying

"I did not know" will be no excuse.