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Firstly, let me on behalf of the committee and officers of the club express our sincere condolences to members who have lost one of their family as a result of the Chinese (Cofid-19 Virus) or other reason over the past year.  2020 has been a trying one for most families some much more than others as a result mainly of the Chinese virus which at the moment appears to be spiking yet again just when we had some good news about the introduction and roll out of a vaccine.  Hopefully this will at some point in the future have the desired effect and stop the virus from spreading.  It will as most know not get rid of it completely but we can only hope it will allow us to control it better than we have of late.


Some things over the last season in relation to the club have had to be put on hold mainly because of the numerous Lockdowns.  Most of the planned work parties to improve the club’s fisheries had to be scrapped when it became apparent very few members were going to risk contracting the virus by being in contact near to or socialising with other members. As a result, the paths and most pegs became barely fishable for which I can only offer my apologies.  Green Lane also suffered very badly with a serious weed problem that was mainly down to the mild winter last year that allowed it to start growing much earlier, thus avoiding our efforts to reduce it by introducing a number of extra doses of Dyofix in late February/March.  Having spoken to the Environment Agency about this they recommend we try a different approach next year with them indicating we should try dragging a heavy chain repeatedly across it to disturb the new weed growth on the bottom.  This if carried out several times in February and March when it starts to grow combined with the Dyofix applications should help to significantly reduce the weed.  If this fails then we might have to resort to spraying the weed with a weed killer one that they recommend being safe to use in the fishery. This method though will mean we will have to suffer the weed problem for another year because for the weed killer to work it has to be sprayed on to the weed late when it is at its worse.  This will have to be done from a dingy or small boat which the club will arrange along with the necessary quantity of approved weed EA weed killer and spraying equipment to carry it out.  


Obviously the first option i.e. dragging a heavy chain back and forwards across the pools is preferred and will be heavy work that I have to say is going to be more suited to the club’s younger members who have in the past for whatever reason failed to attend most work parties leaving it to the same few elderly/pensioner ones that has resulted in lots of planned work being either postponed or scrapped.  So, my message to all members is if you enjoy fishing our waters and would like to see them fishable and improved then please check the website to see when work parties are planned and make a note on your phone or elsewhere to remind you.   Members interested in volunteering to help should contact Stan the secretary by email: [email protected] or his Mobile phone: 07767272403, with their name & contact details.


2021 Club AGM, the club’s officers are presently discussing what we can do about holding it this coming year which would normally happen in the 3rd week of February.  Obviously, whether it goes ahead will depend on the Chinese Virus and whether the venue we normally have it in is open or whether restrictions to meet in groups or with anyone else is possible. One alternative suggested is to have a virtual one but I am aware lots of our older members would find this extremely difficult with some not even owning a mobile phone or suitable device that would allow them to communicate with others so this has been discounted. The alternative which we consider the better option is to postpone it until later in the year when things hopefully are returned to some sort of normality again. I will as your secretary when it can be confirmed make sure all members are advised of the date and venue with any other relevant information.  










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UPDATED: 23/12/2020 - by Stan Harrison - Secretary