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 Secretary - Stan Harrison

 Mob: 07767 272403

 Email: [email protected]



 79 Blackburne Close

 Longbarn, Padgate



 WA2 0PJ

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Telephone: 01925 811857   -   Email: [email protected]



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If you are one of those anglers whose preference is to use tradional methods fish rivers and still waters rather than expensive 'Commercials' then it might be in your interest to read on.  


The objectives of the Club are to foster the art of angling within the local community; to encourage the youth and senior members of the community in the practice of angling through membership of the club; to acquire the fishing rights and other fishing opportunities for members at reasonable prices.


We are not the largest of clubs with our only means of finance coming from membership numbers; the result of this being we are a non-for-profit club with the care of members and our fishery complexes equally important.  


Some will say we have many work parties but we only have them when deemed necessary and yes we do expect able bodied members to turn up and help with whatever work is planned.  Many members look forward and treat them like a social occasion enjoying some excellant banter and if not more important the bacon, sausage & egg butties.  


The club with it having fisheries in and around the Knutsford area of Cheshire are keen to attract promote and improve the local environment in particular for local residents.  So if you would like to join the club please contact the secretary or go to the ''Membership Menu'' for full details and a PDF downloadable membership application form.